Shielding Products

Miniature EMC/EMI Shield 1400
Miniature EMC/EMI Shield

This is a very small EMC / EMI housing gasket, used for EMC / EMI housing, for example for PCBs, smartphones and other applications where there is little space.

Knitted Mesh EMC/EMI 1200
Knitted Mesh EMC/EMI

The knitted wire mesh EMC/EMI housing gasket is a universal RFI gasket to shield lower frequencies.

Honeycomb Ventilation Panels 9500
Honeycomb Ventilation Panels

EMC shielded ventilation panels for ventilation and heating

Fixed PCB Shielding Can 1510
Fixed PCB Shielding Can

RFI housing cans are available in a wide range of sizes and types.

Fixed PCB Shields 1600
Fixed PCB Shields

Used to create EMC/EMI-shielded compartments on a PCB.

RFI Dust Filter Ventilation Panels 9510
RFI Dust Filter

RFI Dust filter ventilation panels are used to shield openings for heating and ventilation against undesirable electromagnetic waves

Ultra soft shield 7400
Ultra soft shield

Ultra-soft EMC housing gasket for doors, panels and lids. Very low closure force to prevent deflection.

Honeycomb Ventilation Panels 9505
Frameless Honeycomb Ventilation Panels

EMC shielded ventilation panels for ventilation and heating

Highlighted categories

Windows, displays & transparent sheets
Windows, displays & transparent sheets

Our shielding windows, displays & transparent shielding foils are virtually very clear. They shield radio frequency signals and microwave radiation in a wide frequency range.

Housing gaskets
Housing gaskets

As operating frequencies increase and devices become more complex, they may be more susceptible to EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference).

Foam, rubber & sheets
Foam, rubber & sheets

Our conductive foam, conductive rubber & conductive sheets series is a line of silicone rubber products that have been given electrical conductivity through the addition of carbon and other electrically conductive materials.